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This information applies to OM v.6.12 and higher

Score player selection

It is possible to choose among different players for your score objects (chord, chord-seq, voice, etc.)

The selection of a player can be done using the player button on the tool-bar of the editors, or by right/ctrl-clicking the boxes and using the “Player” menu.

Select the OM MIDI player to render the object via MIDI

Note: The //MIDI port mode// tab on the right allows to select a MIDI port to direct the MIDI output, to use the default MIDI port (as set in the Preferences) or to use individual notes’ ports.

=> Before to go any further in testing, check that your object(s) player selection is correct.

MIDI setup in OM Preferences

Most of the MIDI settings are in the MIDI tab of OM Preferences.

When you change one of these options, push Apply in order to validate/apply the choice, and update the rest of the controls.

The “Ports setup” button will allow you to set the routing of MIDI events to external MIDI devices and synthesizers.

You need to have a MIDI synthesizer or device running or connected to your system.

When you click on the setup button, the following dialog appears, which allows to select devices and synthesizers to connect to your MIDI ports.

=> Add in/out ports using the + button (remove them with the - buttons).
For the moment you might be interested in one OUT port only (#0).

For each port a menu allows you to select any connected device or syhthesizer. The contents of these menus depends the devices and synthesizers running and connected when you started OM.


=> Press OK to validate the settings.

Still not working ?

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